Executive Development Programe

In the new millennium, with the fast emerging new knowledge and the rapidly changing technology, the construction management processes are also undergoing changes. With the strong impetus given by the government in various sectors India is witnessing a surge of growth in the Construction Industry. New techniques and new construction materials are improving construction products. Insurance of Risks in Construction is catching up fast. India now has grading agency for construction entities and a bank for buying and lending construction equipment.

The programme aims to:-

  • Expose managers to the expected human resource management techniques used specifically in the construction industry.
  • Tips to develop skills of utilizing the existing human resource efficiently.
  • Building stable and effective relationships.
  • Importance of communicating with a rapport and effectively.
  • Instill the concept of group dynamics and identifying the helping and hindering roles
  • Diagnose the existing HRM abilities by conducting individual and group exercises.

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